Help with pscx2
i just got fight night 2004 for ps2 n d/l this pcsx2 emulator ..but its giving me error as zeroGS.dll null something blah !

my pc specs:
Windows xp pro sp3
amd athlon dual core 4400 2.10 ghz
2gb ram
nvidia geforce 8600 GT
1tb hd
lg 16x dvd rw

the game is iso which i loaded with daemon tools . i have direct x 9.0c
plz help !

Edit: i have bios n plugins for pcsx2

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Try using linuziso instead of using Daemon Tools. Also, try GSDX instead of Zerogs.
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ok now its saying "plz update direct x"
isnt 9.0c the latest version?

my bios is named SCPH-70012_BIOS_V12_USA_200 .. is it rite? coz its like 4mb .

also how abt a link to linuz iso !
The bios isn't any bigger than 4 MB, so yeah, that's right.
And linuz iso is included in both our installer and our binary. If you downloaded PCSX2 from somewhere else and that plugin is not in there,it is probably something with pirated stuff / viruses for which you will get no support here.
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oh yea i got it from RS from some website thru katz !
so ill d/l ur client rite away then !
I hope the bios didn't come in the same archive, as that would be piracy.

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