Help with running games
I recently got PCSX2 and everything has been going well except for one problem.

Here's the situation: When I try to play (No matter if I try either Boot CDVD Fast or Full), the black screen would pop up as if I were to play the game, but only for a brief second and then another box would open and this is what it says:

File Not Found
Path: IsoFileSystem

Now, I understand if I made a simple mistake and all I have to do is put my games in a certain file, I would appreciate the quick and easy help. However, if my problem seems more complicated, yet still solvable, I would appreciate it.

Thanks to all and any who help me out.

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Do you have an iso selected? Under CDVD select iso and browse for your iso file. Then try.
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Already tried. Still brings up the same message.
Try to redump ur isos from your original DVD
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Try right click on PCSX2.exe and click run as administrator,it work for me.

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