Help with running through steam
Hey I need help I just got it set up everything seems to be working all right on my computer it's a brand new Asus tuff laptop and I wanted to play my games with my PS5 controller no I've seen two solutions to this one was to download new plug-in and the other was to run pcsx2 through steam now I've already got my PS5 controller to work through steam so ideally I would like to use that problem is this the first computer I've had in quite some time due to general Life issues so any help with this would be greatly appreciated just go ahead and assume I'm almost computer illiterate and make it as simple as possible for me please

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download latest pcsx2 nightly build and you won't need steam
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LordKane3195, no disrespect, but in the future can you use punctuation? Like periods, commas, etc. Makes it hard to read as one long run on sentence
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