Help with setting the Internal Resolution for a specific game
Hey guys,

New member with a quick question if anyone could please help me out!

Is there a command line option to set the 'Internal Resolution' of a specific game, rather than having every game use whatever internal resolution is set in the PCSX2 menu options?

I launch all my PS2 games from destop icons with a custom command line but can't work out how to set the internal resolution on some games that I want displayed at a much higher resolution than what's set as standard in the PCSX2 menu gui.

Can anyone please help with some advice?

I'm not sure if I've read this right but is it possible this could be done by coding set in a custom configuration files if this isn't possible at a command line level?

If so does anybody please have the coding needed or an example of such a configuration file that let's you chose the internal resolution required?

Appreciate any help guys and thanks for your time in reading my post Smile

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There is command line(not exactly)but it's easier with this frontend

Those are the pcsx2 command lines

-h, --help           displays this list of command line options
  --console            forces the program log/console to be visible
  --fullscreen         use fullscreen GS mode
  --windowed           use windowed GS mode
  --nogui              disables display of the gui while running games
  --noguiprompt        when nogui - prompt before exiting on suspend
  --elf=<str>          executes an ELF image
  --irx=<str>          executes an IRX image
  --nodisc             boots an empty DVD tray; use to enter the PS2 system menu
  --usecd              boots from the CDVD plugin (overrides IsoFile parameter)
  --nohacks            disables all speedhacks
  --gamefixes=<str>    use the specified comma or pipe-delimited list of gamefixes.
  --fullboot           disables fast booting
  --gameargs=<str>     passes the specified space-delimited string of launch arguments
                  to the game
  --cfgpath=<str>      changes the configuration file path
  --cfg=<str>          specifies the PCSX2 configuration file to use
  --forcewiz           forces PCSX2 to start the First-time Wizard
  --portable           enables portable mode operation (requires admin/root access)
  --profiling          update options to ease profiling (debug)
  --gs=<str>           specify the file to use as the GS plugin
  --pad=<str>          specify the file to use as the PAD plugin
  --spu2=<str>         specify the file to use as the SPU2 plugin
  --cdvd=<str>         specify the file to use as the CDVD plugin
  --usb=<str>          specify the file to use as the USB plugin
  --fw=<str>           specify the file to use as the FW plugin
  --dev9=<str>         specify the file to use as the DEV9 plugin
Thanks for the reply vsub but I don't want to use a frontend as I need to launch my games from an individual desktop shortcut as specified in my post.

So does this that there ISN'T a command line option to specify the internal resolution as I don't see one on the list above?

Does anyone else know if it's possible to do this, any examples of options or coding on how to set the internal resolution would very much be appreciated.
Well if you want desktop shortcut with command lines,you have to do everything yourself

For each game you want to have custom settings,you have to create a folder with different name and copy=>paste your ini files there
This is the command line
"D:\Games\PlayStation\PlayStation 2\pcsx2.exe" "D:\Games\PlayStation\PlayStation 2\games\Persona 4.iso" --cfgpath="D:\Games\PlayStation\PlayStation 2\config\Persona 4"

You have to set your settings when you normally run pcsx2,then close it and copy the files into a new folder and do that for every game that you want to have different settings.
Reconfigurating is also annoyng

The frontends are doing everything for you
It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but as I can see here you're ending up having different configs per game.

I've made a little tool, which can help you to organize multiple PCSX2- Configs and also create Shortcuts for your games directly. Have a look at if you're interested.
Tired of always changing your PCSX2 Configuration for different games?

Check this out:
Appreciate the replies guys, I think I've got it sorted out in my head now Smile

If I understood you correctly I could just create a new folder say called "IR6" (for internal resolution x6) and copy the GSdx.ini file into it with the line "upscale_multiplier=6" set in it.

Then all I need to do is point each game shortcut to that folder using the --cfgpath command if I want to use x6 internal resolution and I could do the same for folders called "IR2", "IR4" and "IR8" etc!

So my desktop shortcut would look like this:

E:\Emulators\PCSX2\pcsx2.exe --nogui --fullscreen "E:\Emulators\Sony PS2 Games\VirtuaRacing.iso" --cfgpath="E:\Emulators\PCSX2\Game Configs\IR6"

That it is if I understand what you're saying, right?

Hope so Smile
If you set the "cfgpath" argument, it will expect every configuration file of all plugins on that location, so you have to copy your whole "inis" folder (the content of the folder) to a new location, otherwise, all other plugins will loose their configuration for this path.

Do it manually by copying the "inis" folder content to e.g. "IR2", and create your shortcuts by hand (Your example looks good), or use my tool above, which does exactly these things for you.
Tired of always changing your PCSX2 Configuration for different games?

Check this out:
Yes but pcsx2 will also complain about the other files on the first run so it's better to copy all of the ini files once you are done changing settings
Cheers guys, all .ini files copied into folders, tested a few games and it's working beautifully Smile

Many thanks again to you both for your time and help and especially for making my first experience on these forums a positive experience Smile

I make desktop icons for games (hence why I use desktop shortcuts) so please feel free to check out my work here:

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