Help with setting up. First time user!
Alright, I'm new to this whole scene so please bear with me. My PC is from around 2008,     and I hope this is what you need. I've never really used this computer other than to watch TV or talk to my friends so I've never really bothered to upgrade it.

I'm currently wanting and trying to play Tales of the Abyss again, but when I load up the game all I get is a fluxing FPS, it goes down to 29 and ends up at around 40-49 and continues to repeat.

I'm not sure what the settings mean but with some guidance you guys can help me.

Its on Windows 7 Ultimate 32, same old integrated graphic card, nothing special.

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Use low internal resolution (i.e. native), and rely on Speedhacks. Don't expect that game to run great on that setup.

Refer to the stickied posts to learn the basics. Smile

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