Help with the data from [.hack//Infection]
Hello, community.

First of all, I must say I enjoyed the PCSX2 a lot. Worked better than I expected.

About the topic: I was playing the game .hack//Infection, because is awesome, and the emulator worked well. Now, when I tried the next disc, //Mutation, and when I try to load the save state from the previous volume, it says "There's no data form .hack//INFECTION".

I used the search bar in this forum, but I haven't found something useful.


PS: I have the 0.9.7 version

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strange, mine worked perfectly, must be something with your copy of the game or ISO.
You could try to redump but i don't know if it will help.
I think that's the reason! Infection was a NTCS copy and I think the Mutation is PAL. I don't know.
I'm gonna get a NTCS version of Mutation.

Thanks for your help!

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