Help with using cheats (Error)
I've enabled cheats in PCSX2, and added some cheats (Specifically the Resident Evil Code Veronica X cheats from the sticky) and placed them in my cheats folder. Then I run the game and it'll play fine but in the debug window (or whatever you call it) it reads: [wx] can't open file 'cheats\24036809.pnach' (error 2: the system cannot find the file specified.)

Odd thing is, there's nothing called that in my cheats folder. And the cheats don't work at all. Any ideas?

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sure it's the right version/in the right place?
I'm pretty sure. I just got the patch version from the sticky, and it's in my PCSX2 9.8.0/Cheats folder as it should be. (I think...)
put it in your documents folder too

There wasn't one, but I created one and put it in. Nada.
Let's go back to basics.

What is the filename of the .pnach file you downloaded?
What is the serial of the game?
Do the two match?

If not, it's likely the cheats were intended for a different region. It might be possible to rename the file and its contents, but most likely you'll need cheats specific to your version.

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