Helppp!! My Final fantasy X-2 mission always repeat in the same mission
everything is normal when enter the Kilika Temple. i've defeated all fiends (Daeva) there too like normaly. but after the cutscene about the hole (after defeat dark ifrit), i start the mission from the beginning enter the Kilika Temple (from mission time cutscene). strangely, all Daeva are defeated but dark ifrit. so im always fight the dark ifrit and back to the beginning continuous. how to fix this? i changed GS pulgin, round mode but it's still not working. please help mee Sad

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please provide your emulog.
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(06-07-2015, 07:15 AM)ssakash Wrote: please provide your emulog.

this's my emulog for ff x-2..

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Try disabling cheats
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hey thanks.. it works.. Laugh

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