Here is how to play God of war (1) on hardware mode without green environment
Ok,I know it sounds a little stupid, but I never found a workaround for this problem on this forum and managed to play the game in hardware mode on gsdx 10 (sse3), so I will share it, in case someone wants to play again this masterpiece.
Just put a tick on "Enable HW hacks" in Gsdx plugin settings, then click on "configure" button on the right and put a "2" for the value of skipdraw.
You are good to go and almost every setting will work along,but if I can suggest,put a tick also on "alpha stencil",it makes the innatural little fog that appears with skipdraw a lot less noticeable, and the scenario quite nicer.

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Or you could use the openGL renderer with Hardware depth enabled, and blending accuracy set on high. This way you will have all the effect draw correctly Smile
Not to mention this only happens with modified pirated iso images at this point.
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