Hi! Just found about PCSX2, just a few questions..
Hello there, i've just found about the emulator, but i need to ask some questions in order to make things easier for me
1-does PCSX2 need a really powerful processor? 
2-will my system be reasonably good for the emu? (yes, i've seen "Will my PC run PCSX2" thread.
3-does pcsx2 support a great amount of games? (no bugs, compatibility issues, or graphical bugs)
I'm only 13 so don't expect me to know much. also, English language isn't my native language
By the way, I speak Arabic   Biggrin
i3-370M (yeah that's a slow cpu by today's standards)
3GB RAM (that's slow too)
Intel HD Graphics

My system is a laptop, it's from 2010, running on Windows 7 64-bit


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I'll try to keep my answers simple for the language barrier Smile

1 - More Powerful Processor is better. Requirements vary per-game.
2 - Your system will be pretty slow, a majority of games will run slowly.
3 - PCSX2 runs a lot of games and is fairly compatible.

So the answer is while you can probably run PCSX2, your Processor and I'm not even sure that Intel HD it comes with is new enough to run the hardware renderers.
so what if i want to play Gran turismo 3/4? will they be unplayable?
yes Gran turismo 3 and 4 both require pretty good processors to be full speed (passmark single threaded performance around 2000) yours is a lot lower (passmark STP 914)


You might get lucky with some very light games, but most will not be playable.

PPSSPP (PSP) emulator should be fine on that system and most PS1 emulators to play GTPSP or GT 1/2.
ah crap, i really wanted to play GT4, i guess i'll play on PS1 Smile
thanks for helping btw, Bye
Good luck playing GT4 on your PS1 Tongue
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