Hi about ISO
grabed it from my ownd Ps2 game what ever

ok so where do I put the ISO do I put it in my PCSX2 folder ? under the Local Disk Drive ?

put the Ps2 game in my dvd drive could I just type what the file is called into the (Select Iso) ?

so how do I get it to rum my game's ?

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Once you click run it opens up a browser where you choose the location of the ISO.
[Image: Sig3copy.gif]
After Installing Pcsx2 configure it and then Click on "Run CD/DVD" then a Box Appears Select the ISO and the game will Run.
you can put the ISO wherever you want on your HDD. and then in Linuzappz ISO plugin config. browse for your ISO and click ok.
PS: do not mount the ISO on a virtual drive.

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