Hi there, patch question.
Where is the patch browser, I have looked all over the emulator and cannot find it. TIA!!

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The patch browser has been removed in recent builds. Don't know why, exactly. I presume because it was becoming redundant.
Redundant? How else can I do things like in this link like adding gameshark codes?
In the new versions, the codes are added to a .pnach file, and placed inside cheats folder. I'll see whether there's an automated tool or something...


This tool might help.

Why don't you tell me what game you need cheats for, and I'll try to sort you out?

One thing I didn't explain is that the patch function on PCSX was never really intended for cheats. It was intended to help make games more compatible by hacking certain values. Coincidentally, this is the same technique used to apply cheats. That's why it's called "Patch", not "Cheat". PCSX2 has no dedicated cheat functions. In fact, you have to edit the .pnach file (a text file) to turn cheats on and off.
Thanks, I'm looking for patches for MGS 2 and 3. The collector's versions if it makes a difference.
What region are those two games?

Do you have the codes in question? I could try converting them and creating .pnach files for you. If your region is same as mine, I can test the codes using my copy.
Heres some links.


THX again!
Erm... Crap, mine are PAL. I'll try, anyway. I might take a few days, but I will sort you out, promise.
Smile Thx man!
What Ambient also forgot to mention is what are the CRC of those games Smile When you start the game it should say something like CRC 0x34FAB83 or something. Since the Pnach MUST have the CRC as the filename Smile

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