High Speed Movement impossible in Budokai tenkaichi 3
Hey guys,

I just wanted to report a problem that I have when I play budokai tenkaichi 3.
I can't perform the "High Speed Movement".
It's a technique that you do : You have to hold the square button, wait for your character to sparkle and right at this moment, releasing the square button.
It is a high level technique that is quite difficult to do, and crucial at some point of the game.
However, in the emulator, my character will never sparkle, so I'm unable to do the technique.
I noticed that by turning on d9 software it solved the problem, however, it makes the graphics terrible and the game much slower.
Any ideas on how to fix it ?
I just wanted to report the problem, I have little hope that anyone finds a solution but... It's a very cool technique, it kinda ruins the pleasure, it's a bit like playing Tekken with no possibility to do the ultimate combos for each character so... yeah, if you can find any solution, that would be nice Smile

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Sounds like it's a graphical issue similar to this thread
This suggests it may be fixed in the latest GIT found on the PCSX2 development page
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Thank you very much for your answer.
I'm not very good with all these things, it looks very complicated.
I will do my best to resolve my problem.

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