High end everything... pentium d :(
I know i'm new to the forum, i've been lurking trying to find a possible solution but couldnt seem to find a similar thread. Lots of "why is my fps so low threads" but thats about it Tongue

First off my specs!
Pentium D 3000ghz, oc to 3400ghz (yea i know i need a new cpu)
xfs nforce 640 mobo
evga 9800 gtx+
4gb crucial ballistix dd2 800 dual channel
windows xp 32bit (havn't upgraded to 64 yet)

Game im trying to run: FFXII

I've tried tweaking the crap out of pcsx2 and can't get a frame rate over 35fps. I know the emulator is heavily cpu dependant, but i didnt realize it was THAT cpu dependent. Does anyone have a similar situation, great comp, crappy processor? Is there anyway i can get my video card gpu to take the brunt of the processing load? or somehow speed up the process?

Thanks for the help, cheers

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none whatsoever my friend i sold my pentium d to a friend to get core2duo e4400 and overclocked it to 3ghz and im still having slow downs
e4400oced to 3ghz
8500gt 512 mb
asus p5q mobo
2g kingston pc667
160gigx2 seagate ide hdd
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Try the newest pcsx2 beta, enable speedhacks on it and try setting "VU cycle stealing" to moderate althou I dont remember if VU cycle stealing helps at all in this game.
i think the problem is the cpu. supposedly (from what ive heard and read) emulating takes more of the cpu power then actually playing pc games themselves. Other than that i have a similar cpu 1.8 c2d mobile chipset (gaming laptop) and the only game i can run well is kingdom hearts but not at fs.
I actually had the unfortunate situation of having a pentium D in my old rig.. and suffice it to say there is no hope for it. Even though its a dual core processor, a core 2 duo clocked at the same speed you have your pentium D is nearly twice as fast. The pentium D was a really early dual core processor that lacked the performance of the later developed core 2 series.

Its slow, regardless of clock speed and not nearly powerful enough to run medium to high end PS2 games.

As a side note, dont bother upgrading to 64 bit OS for PCSX2 there is little to no performance boost from this.

Hope that helps.
Not only raw CPU power important. Size of cache have a great role to. From two 3HHz processors, one with 2048Kb cache (L2), and second with 6Mb you should chose second, it give a noticeable speed boost. For FFXII E8500 should be looked as target.
cpu is always the bottleneck since the VU recompilers takes alot of power.

and a E8500 is not really necessary for FFXII, maybe only if you want to play the NTSC version and have fullspeed all the time and in all situations.
My E6700 @stock is still fast enough for that game.

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i read somewhere on the site that they want to offer a 64 bit version of pcsx2 later this year, and they're hoping it'll improve speed
(06-21-2009, 01:12 AM)portets Wrote: i read somewhere on the site that they want to offer a 64 bit version of pcsx2 later this year, and they're hoping it'll improve speed

what year was that posted? 2005? the idea of 64bit was canned a long long time ago.
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darn...... you're right. except it was 2007.

why not have 64-bit? too much work for not enough outcome?

having more than 3.25 gigs available to the emulator sounds good. and everyone i know and myself all have linux 64 and vista 64 nowadayds.

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