High input lag
Hello pcsx2 community,
There was another thread about input lag that got closed for some reason so I'm starting a new one cause this problem continues to be very relevant.  So I got inspired by this mod for Dolphin that adds full keyboard and mouse controls to Metroid Prime which made me eager to try this with PS2 shooters as well, since I knew LilyPad supports mouse input. I managed to set up mouse controls in LilyPad with no problems and then I tried a few fps games. But then disappointment set in once I noticed how severe the input lag is. While the Dolphin solution is basically lag free and feels almost like a native PC game, inputs in PCSX2 feel like they're lagging behind a couple of hundred milliseconds which is unusable for mouse controls. Honestly I was quite shocked cause I don't remember PCSX2 being so unresponsive in the past. Maybe the mouse movement just made it more apparent.

The author of the previous thread came to the conclusion that the cause of the lag doesn't have anything to do with the rendering, but rather the emulation itself. I'm wondering if the devs are aware of the exact cause of this and whether they are working on ways to improve the input lag?

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Discussion here: https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/issues/3008
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