Hii guys i have a problem and am a noob with it XD
alright here are the screen shots (i searched for "Format Disc", and blah blah blah but found nothing about it) soo am sorry if its already been resolved

[Image: j5xki9.png]

soo plz tell me whats wrong and if u need anymore info just tell me and i will give u screenshots or whatever

BTW the game am trying to play is FF XII

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maybe the game iso is damaged?
[Image: 1454055.png]
playing directly from the Disc and i can play it on my PS2

just lost my Memory Card soo playing it on my PC
make an iso of it with imgburn
and load it with linuz cd/dvd plugin

sometimes a disc is very damaged and a pc cant read it but a dvd player sometimes can

besides loading from iso works better
[Image: 1454055.png]
alright thanks i will try that later and if it works i will reply coz now i got to go

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