Hitman Blood Money and Thanks Pcsx2 Team
one of the greatest games on PS2. it would be so awesome to play it with native x1,x2,x3. so far this game is playable only in software mode.
i waited so many years but this game still cant run in native x1 on pcsx2 Sad. its very very heavy to play it on HW at like 100x100 resolution or 200x200. going like 5-10FPS.
native x1 is impossible. why is this game so damn heavy to run?
is there a hope for this game to ever run on HW mode?

and i must tell this. ps2 is one of the greatest console ever made and it have amazing games, you guys did so nice work with pcsx2. keep up the good work and Thank you all so much!

USA v02.20(10/02/2006), No, its extremely heavy yet in hardware mode even in native resolution,software mode its fine ,t (...)

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what's your hardware specifications ? also provide a screenshot of your PCSX2 settings.
pretty good. i3-4130, GTX 750, 8 GB RAM, windows 7 SP1.
emulation settings on safe.

maybe this game is getting some trouble with depth textures ? what happens when you try setting different skipdraw values on HW hacks settings ? also maybe give OpenGL and D3D9 (hardware mode) a try.
skipdraw 2 or 5 nothing happens same as usual fps drop from 60 FPS to 5 FPS sometimes down to 2-3 FPS. tried every HW option DX 9 DX 11, OpenGL.
looks like its something very heavy to load. also tried changing Plugins.

i never used more than 5 skipdraw cuz it says use at your own risk with capslock xD
Hmm, it's possible that this game has some issues with hardware rendering. can you provide your EE and GS values at the title bar of the rendering window comparing the values for hardware and software renderer ? Also on some unrelated stuff: what's the resolution displayed on the title bar for the game ?

can you reproduce the issue using the 1.2.1 version of the emulator ?

About Skipdraw: don't worry, feel free to try higher values for the option. nothing wrong with experiments Tongue
tested with: DX11,Native,Emulation settings safe,no hacks used,SSE41. Native resolution in this game is 512x448. Windows 7 SP1 64-bit


HW: ( not playable )
EE 30% - 50% at 60 FPS > EE 2% - 10% at 5 FPS
GS 0% - 10% at 60 FPS > when FPS drop begin GS going 50%+ for like 1sec and then back to GS 0% - 10%
FPS is dropping down from that moment when it load GS 50%+. FPS goes 30 FPS and dropping down to 10 FPS > 5 FPS > 3 FPS.

SW: ( playable )
- Rendering Threads: 2
- EE 60% - 80%
- GS 20% - 45% sometimes. 30% - 45% mostly
- FPS is 40 - 50

-pcsx2 1.2.1 -r5875:

HW: ( not playable )
same EE% and GS% like in pcsx2 1.5.0

SW: ( playable )
- Extra Rendering Threads: 0 > GS loads at 100%. GSdx: out-of-memory, texturing temporarily disabled.
- Extra Rendering Threads: 2 > GS is 70% - 80%.
- EE is around 30%
- FPS is 14
Blood Money has a solid PC port. May I ask why are you trying to emulate it?
(02-16-2016, 09:42 PM)Wario64 Wrote: Blood Money has a solid PC port. May I ask why are you trying to emulate it?

Because this is a PS2 emulator forum and some people don't wanna buy a game they already own?
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(02-16-2016, 09:42 PM)Wario64 Wrote: Blood Money has a solid PC port. May I ask why are you trying to emulate it?

I played it few times on PC, borrowed the game from my friend. it was too easy to aim with mouse and i liked PS2 version alot more.
had alot of memories playing games on PS1 and PS2.
i like playing PS2 version of this game and playing with gamepad.

it would be awesome to see it running in pcsx2 on HW. nothing will change there, it will just buff graphic Smile
some levels in Hitman Blood Money are too Dark / Hard to see while playing it on PS2 and i think pcsx2 native 2x 3x would improve it alot

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