Hitman Contracts and Blood Money issues
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On both versions 1.2.1 and latest 1.4 (stable), no matter how low i set the emulation (native) when i start both these games, they start fine but when it comes to the main menu section it blue screens my computer saying it has run out of memory, i have tried this on 2 different rigs and i get the same issues on both, 1 rig is 4gb ram, nvidia gtx 440, intel i3, the other is a brutal high end amd saphire beast with 8gb ram i5 etc. They both blue screen on pcsx2 hitman games, it doesnt happen on any other games, any help or config recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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PCSX2 couldn't blue screen your PC unless something was wrong with your PC(bad memory, too much overclock, etc).

There are cases where certain games can cause PCSX2 to eat all your memory up, but even if it did - PCs don't just crash when they run out of memory. That's what paging files are for. Unless you turned that off... which you shouldn't. Ever.

What's the blue screen code?
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