Hokuto no Ken.

I'm trying to play hokuto no ken for ps2 but all i can get is ~40fps ingame with very slow audio.

My specs are
cpu: athlon [email protected] (not overclocked)
gpu: geforce 8600GT 512MB
ram: 2GB ram

I'm using PCSX 0.9.6.

Graphic plugin is GDSX 890 (MVSC 15.00,SSE2) 0.1.14 with:

-direct3d9 (hardware)
-pixel shader 2.0
-weave tff (saw-tooth)
-native resolution checked
-nloop hack, texture filtering checked (transparent); alpha correction checked.

In CPU options i'm using VU skip, i'm using all the speedhacks and x3 Cycle Rate.

I even checked "flush to zero" and "denominals are zero" in advanced options...

And i've set "process priority" as "high" through PCSX2 menu.

What else could i do ito improve the speed further (except, of course, buying hardware Smile )?

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I would try the new beta with the new version of the GDSX.
I run with DX10. Is your card capable of DX10? if not you may not be able to up the FPS much.
I use defualt cycle rate and the game is running at 60FPS.
Best be would be to try the new beta and if you can use DX10.

Hope this helps.

Its a great fighter Smile
Phenom 955 x4 @ 3.6
4GB DDR3 @ 1500
First your CPU is weak, you should OC your CPU or buy a new one (2.7GHz+ is a must have).
Second, try to play the game with the newest PCSX2 beta which have the microVU option, those "hacks" gave me a nice performance boost.
And I wouldn't recommend you to play games with the 3x Cycle Rate because it slows down most of the PS2 games + breaks the game (game becomes even slower after playing some rounds).

Quote:I use defualt cycle rate and the game is running at 60FPS.
Quote:Phenom 955 x4 @ 3.6

*sigh* Rolleyes
Ah sorry. I glanced over your specs. Didnt see the processor speed. That would be holding you back for sure.
Raff is right try and clock it up a bit. Those x2 can get about 300mhz if you have good enough cooling.
Phenom 955 x4 @ 3.6
4GB DDR3 @ 1500
You should try to latest GSDX revision. It supports 8-bit textures, which an option when checked appears to greatly speed up games such as Guilty Gear. This may help you.

I also don't like using EE Sync hacks. I've gotten Guilty Gear full speed using the latest GSDX with EE set to default.
I just wanted to say that i've tried the lastest beta and... woah. It's ALMOST full speed. Now i'm trying to figure out if i could do something to improve further (not overclocking), but i'd say i'm satisfied right now.

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