Hot Pursuit 2 werid Shadows
Got the game to run fine, except there are these werd shadows o.O ????? File was to big to upload so follow the link.

ALSO: The shadows are on everything, lights, dust and they are like blocks of some sort.

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use SW mode.
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If i use Software mode then the game would be unplayable Sad
if it's just shadows, then maybe you can get the latest SVN and in the video plugin setting enable HW hacks and inside that menu raising the skipdraw value by one until it's fixed+^_^+ let me know if that works+^_^+
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If it's the grayness that's on top of.. things... looks like... mipmapping? Dunno what could be done about it though.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
[Image: Tb3xyl.jpg]

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There are few glitched effects like squares on dust and car lights. Setting "skipdraw" to 4 helps (but this will also remove few graphic effects). Only software renderring helps with these glitches Sad.

Enyway game runs perfect but I will call it unplayable, because when player gets busted by the police game starts to lag (terrible slow-mo). Maybe someone know how to fix it ? Also theres no music in this game Sad, and I tried almost every SPU2-x settings.

For me NFS Hot Pursuit is one of the best games on playstation 2, hope I could play it someday without problems... I need to say, graphic is superb compared to ps2 native resolution Smile

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