Hot Shots Contest!
Alot is going on at the moment, behind the scenes - quietly in dark dank corners of the world, zerofrog barely ever blinking is re-writing the eeREC and vuREC...

Whilst this incredibly laborious process continues, we have something for you to all enjoy!:

Hot Shots Contest!
Submit the very finest screenshot you can produce via the current 0.9 release of PCSX2, whether it be some spectacular vista of a 3D landscape, you defeating the end boss of a game, pulling off a perfect combo, or simply the funniest glitch you've found, we want it and we want to be amazed!

The 1st, to 5th place entries will get their shot and name immortalised on the PCSX2 website, but not only that, the overall winner will get a Universal PS2 Controller Adapter Provided by the fantastic guys over at SpelKontroll

[Image: attachment.php?aid=20446]
  • Converts any PS/PS2 game controller for use on Xbox, Gamecube or PC USB.
  • Supports vibration feedback (XBox/GC/PC USB).
  • Works with steering wheels, joysticks.
  • Is compatible with PS/PS2 dance mat which can be converted to use on XBOX or GC consoles.
How to Enter
You must be a member of either EmuTalk or Emuforums (Both are free to register at), and post your entries in the official threads for this contest: Rules and additional information
  • A maximun of two entries per person.
  • All entries must be posted before the end of this month 30 June 2006. No late entries will be considered.
  • Fake, or other bogus images will automatically disqualify you from the contest
  • Images can be taken from any available GS plugin, no image smaller than 640x480. Please make sure only GS window is captured, we DO NOT want to see your desktop! Fullscreen would be a good option!
  • Winners Prize is NOT refundable/exchangable.
  • No email entries will be accepted, all images must be attached in a reply to the official thread.
Judging will take place during the first week of July, where by 10 images will be chosen, and posted on the forums, for everyone to vote for. The 5 most voted for will get their image and name on the site, and the 1st place entry will be awarded the adapter! Please be around during this time as a judge will contact you to arrange delivery of the adapter!

Good luck to everyone!

Visit [Image: spel.jpg] for great deals on adapters, PSPs and other games related material!

<span>[Image: attachment.php?aid=3819]</span>

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