HotWheels Velocity X Issues
I recently downloaded Hot Wheels Velocity X and it runs as good as it does on PS@ but i have a problem with the graphics. I go to battle mode and there is this weird fog that moves when the car moves in the game. Kinda like how your in a dark room and u have the light and you are moving through the dark with the light. Its not pitchblack but it looks fogy andf it sorta gets in the way of playing. It only dose that with battle mode, Mission or joyride or challenge dosent have that for some reason. Only way i can get rid of it is changing my video setting to DirectX11(Software) but it lags like a muthafucka. Maybe its my CPU? its not good enough maybe? Intel7 My CPU is 2.4 with turbo 3.2. Ik it cant be my video card it can run Crash Bandicoot wrath of cortex with no issues. my video card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660m. Idk maybe i dont have an option set right or something.
[img][Image: fog.jpg][/img]

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Quote:I recently downloaded Hot Wheels Velocity X

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