Hotkey changes in INI file not reflected in the program
Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble with my hotkeys in PCSX2 1.4.0 for Windows 7. I've tried every suggestion and potential-solution I could find (even the instructions in the INI file itself didn't help), but no matter what I do, editing the PCSX2_keys.ini does nothing to the actual hotkeys used by PCSX2; I even tried changing it back to "PCSX2_keys.ini.DEFAULT" after editing just in case it was that simple. Contrary to the claims in posts I've seen so far, a fresh installation from the main downloads page does not contain any folder specifically for housing INI configuration files. I've seen from a few people that there is supposed to be a folder titled either "inis" or "inis_1.4.0" but creating either for the keys file to reside in didn't change anything. After numerous re-installations and even a reboot or two for good measure, I'm unable to make any difference in the program's default hotkeys. I've been using the default pre-packaged plugins, and all I want to do is re-bind F2 because having the hotkey to switch savestate slots between the keys for saving and loading has caused me an extraordinary amount of trouble. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give!
(edit: just by the way, I did see a thread about a similar issue while searching but it had zero posts outside the OP and was posted 3+ months ago. I'm no pro when it comes to forum etiquette but posting there seemed like necro-posting to me.)

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If you used the installer, then your "inis" folder will be at "My Documents\PCSX2\inis", and that's where you should copy the file and then rename it.

Also, next time you post at the forum, please use the Enter key once in a while.
Thanks for the help, I suppose I was misled about the location of the folder.

And I *did* use the enter key, just not a double-enter as I did here because I don't use online forums and didn't know that two would be necessary to split the post body, so thanks for choosing to be an ***** about that. Bye now.

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