How Does My XPS M1730(Laptop) compare?
I got the lap top about 4ish years ago can't really remember :o

the specs are:

Operating system: Windows XP Professional
Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo CPU T9300 @2.5GHz (2CPUs)
Memory: 4GB installed (shows 3070MB XP can not have more then this)
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT 512MB
Direct X version: DX 9.0c (can't use DX10)

So im just wondering how it competes with hardware today and if its even worth it to upgrade this comp :o ... or any information at all would really be helpfull Smile

Ild really like to Ideally be able to play any PCSX2 Game Smile

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If your not asking about certain CPUs/GPUs then I found this to be a nice thread:
seems acording to that thread which ive read already but thanks ;o that my graphic card 8800GT is up to snuff...
... however my processor being only 2.5ghz dual core is not cutting it so i guess my new question would be is it worth it to purchase a new processor for my laptop... or even possible... and if so what one... and finally how much would it be?

For a laptop and if you are specifically interested in PCSX2 then i7-640M (I think) as it is dual-core, newer architecture than your current one, higher clock etc. I've gone for a quad but I was just thinking about PC games as well. The price isn't awful for the i7-640M I think.

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