How I can play buzz games?
Hello, and sorry for my bad english.

My ps2 has dead and I tried to play buzz games with ps2 emulator version 0.9.7 but it's impossible to play. I put the USBqemu mod 1.0 plugin and selected it like usb plugin, but, when the game are going to start the emulator crash (If I don't put this plugin the game start but not continues because buzzers not are connected).

So, I tried with 0.9.6 version and it works, but the buttons (of buzzers) are going wrong (sometimes I push the buttons and nothing happens sometimes I push blue button and green is pushed).

Anybody know how I can play buzz games? If anybody know another usb pluggin, another way to play, anything...! please tell me!

Thanks a lot to all people than can help me!

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Are you using the buzz mod plugin?
Other than that no idea what you can do that plugin hasn't been updated in ages and it would be no wonder it is not working properly on 0.9.7
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Yes I'm using this plugin but doesn't work on 0.9.7. Well, I think that the only way is wait. Thanks a lot!

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