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How I fixed the "GS PLUGIN" problem we seem to be having
If you are having problems with the GS Plugin - Insufficient Resources notification with your PCSX2 these fixes might help.

1. Make sure your version is current.

That is (I believe) PCSX2 1.0.0

It is the supported version of the program now. Anything less is bound to get buggy real quick.

2. Make sure your drivers are up to date.

Nvidia GeForce users download Nvidia Geforce Experience to allow for automatic detection of the newest updates for your driver! The one that's out now is the R331 Game Ready Driver (I believe).

Run Dxdiag as well to see if you have any signatures that aren't WHQL certified. That could tell you a lot about your drivers and if they are the proper ones to be downloaded.

3. Make sure your Direct X drivers are current as well.

Just google Direct X Runtimes and you'll be led to where you need to go.

Other Fixes:

1. Perhaps your plugins have been corrupted. Find the GSDX files in your plugin directory and download them from the internet and hot swap them. It might be that.

2. "Rip and Replace". Completely uninstall your version of PCSX2 and reinstall it. Then cycle through your plugins until one of them works.

Select "No Disc" and keep booting until the splash screen for the Playstation 2 comes up. This saves time.

3. System Restore. SERIOUSLY DON'T DO THIS UNLESS YOU JUST ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE A PCSX2 EMULATOR. Just restore to a time that your emulator worked. This is absurd in my opinion though because it can be fixed. This problem can be frustrating and elusive but no need to play back to the future and time warp your machine because you can't figure it out.

But to each their own. >.>

Places to check:

Check your windows update files for anything pertaining to a graphics card driver update. It will be listed as important so that should narrow it down (you'd think). Uninstall that update and see what happens. Windows is notorious for being idiots when it comes to "fixing" things. I hesitate to update anything concerning my OS at times when it comes to this for fear that something is just going to bug out and cringe when my pc restarts and the updates start wondering what I'm going to have to fix.

Trust me, any driver updates you need can be obtained directly from the manufacturer website. Windows can butt out of your graphics driver business if you're tech savvy enough to do it yourself.

This is how I FIXED IT. This might or might not work for you. If you take my advice and it screws off your machine it is not my fault. These measures shouldn't corrupt your device at all but if they do, you undertake these measures of your own volition. That being said, I take no responsibility for you taking my advice. This is all determinant on the user's technological skills and ability to work with a computer. If you are inexperienced please don't undertake any computer processes without the aid of someone who is more experienced.
This is what you call a "signature". There are many like it, but this one is MINE...and NO you can't have it.

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Good guide, thanks.

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