How can I cheat Kingdom Hearts II in PCSX2?
I created an account for the sole purpose of getting more in-depth information.
I'm an impatient teenager that doesn't understand the technical lingo that's going on in the support threads for this sort of topic, so if anyone could tell me step-by-step what to do to get some cheats into PCSX2 for Kingdom Hearts II, that would be great. Thanks.Mellow
I'd just like to have these things. Copy Pasted directly from...

gametitle=Kingdom Hearts II [SLUS 21005] (U)
// Infinite Drive Gauge
// Infinite Form Gauge
// Recharge Magic Immediately
// Max/Infinite Health - Sora
// Infinite Money

EDIT: Remember when I said I was an impatient teenager? Whine whine, bish bish. Complain complain, wah.
EDIT2 : No, I don't expect any replies instantaneously, yes I realize that my complaining of lack of replies will probably annoy people.

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First of all, change those "byte"s to "extended".
Now i'm not sure about the validity of these codes, but supposing they work (the money cheat probably does), then changing that little bit will probably fix the rest.

If you just mean that you want to get them to activate in the game, make sure you have cheats enabled, and put these codes in a .pnach file (plain .txt but different extension) with the CRC of the game as its name (you can see that when the game boots), and place it in the cheats folder of PCSX2. That should do it.

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