How can I get a bit more Oompf ( Specs Inside )
Ok, I purchased a New Pc.

Specs in a Nutshell -

Quad Core 2.8 GHZ Athlon
4870 HD Raedon 512mb
4 Gig DDR 2 Ram
1 500 GB HD

At the moment my PC is Clean, not many apps are running in the background and It's as good as it can be.
All drivers are updated and All is well lol.

The Game I've chosen to Benchmark/Test is Naruto Narutimate Accel 2.
I've gotten the Game to a point where it runs near perfect, but it has frame rate drops when there's a special visual effect ( An Aura or say an extra character on the screen or something like that ).

Here's what I've got set up on PCSX2 At the moment.

PCSX 0.9.5
GSdx 884m ( MSVC 15.00, SSE41) 0.1.13
( Direct x 10, Hardware Mode, 1024 x 768 75 HZ, No Interlacing, No Texture Filtering, Default options basically. )

Speed Hacks
Disabled Force ABS
EE/IOP Sync Hack

CPU - Multithreaded GS

It seems to be running well, with the odd crash every so often.

Anything else I can do to boost the frame rate?

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Well, for once, you can try using pcsx2 playground. Go to the pcsx2 homepage and download the pcsx2 playground 1.0.0395 package. Put your bios there. Then go to the playground section of the forums and get the latest beta, and put them in the pcsx2 playground folder. That should solve the crashing.

As for the speed, you can try the pcsx2 playground speedhacks, tough we do not offer support for eventual bug reports with those on.

As for the bottleneck of your computer regarding to emulation, it's the cpu. Emulating takes up an enormous amount of cpu power...
For some odd reason and Im not trying to insult Pcsx2 Playground but Im getting a drastic frame rate drop by using it.
Possibly because I cant seem to make it support a quad core. Not really sure where to go from here.
It doesn't "support" quad cores because there're only 2 threads, there's nothing you can configure to change that, you'd have to rewrite a considerable amount of PCSX2's code to distribute the load over more than 2 threads.

Quote:Emulation speeds when using Playground's default settings will be slower than the official 0.9.4 or 0.9.5 builds because pcsx2-playground is doing more work to provide your games with a more correct emulated environment. Properly emulating all of the VU clamping and flags is very time-consuming in particular. So various speedhacks were made so people can disable some of these slower emulation features for games that do not need them. When set-up properly, pcsx2-playground is usually faster than the official build.
Incidentally, all that is written in the playground faq, here in the forums in the appropriate section.

But there are more speedhacks you can try to see if the fps are boosted. As said, they might break games though

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