How can I make ISO file?
I HAVE a CD and CD/DVD and I want to turn them to ISO or ELF (whatever)
to play them faster on the PCSX2
how can I do that?
and thanks

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You can use a tool such as imgburn which you can get from here
then choose the linuziso plugin on the emulator (or set it to iso mode) and load your new iso in Smile
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use alcohol 120% and ultra iso 9.36
It's advised against mounting the ISO under virtual devices when playing PCSX2. That's because the SPTD layer issues with windows 7 which are easily exposed by the emulator and can lead to problems. Maybe it is solved by now (it's not a PCSX2 concern) but there is no need to use these devices with PCSX2 anyway.

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thanks guys
but it dosen't work Sad
i used ultraiso but it dosent work too
can you please explain it to me whith pictures?
I just want to copy the game from the CD on my PC and play it without the CD
and thanks again
and I don't realy understand in the emolatures and systems and things like that
and I wish if there is photos to explain
and thanks again
1. Run UltraISO, press F8 key:
[Image: Make_ISO_Step01.png]

2. Insert your PS2 DVD into drive, and select drive name:
[Image: Make_ISO_Step02.png]

3. Click on ... button and choose place to save your ISO file:
[Image: Make_ISO_Step03.png]

4. Click on Make button and wait until it's done.
[Image: Make_ISO_Step04.png]

5. See Official English PCSX2 configuration guide v0.9.7.
it works!!
very very very much
you are hero
Can I do that on PCSX2 0.9.6 ?
If you mean - "can PCSX2 0.9.6 load games from ISO files", yes it can.
See Official English PCSX2 configuration guide v0.9.6.

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