How can I mod a save file for KH2?
Hello guys, first time posting here, and I wasn't reeeeally sure to post this here, but didn't really find another place where to ask this so, here goes nothing.
Basically I'm running KH2 Final Mix (at 60fps, yay) on PCSX2 but this is a way to actually go on with my playthrough from a PS3 (where I played KH2.5) because I couldn't finish it there and I want to get even with the data bosses anyway. So I downloaded some file off gamefaqs iirc but there's a problem, it's kind of similiar to what I had on the PS3 but it's not the same exact stats and abilities: now, how could I mod this save file to change things such as level, attack, defense, money, to a certain level? I don't want to max them out, I just want to get them to a precise point. Hex editing probably, but how? If it matters, I've got the PS3 savefile at hand, if it's of any use. Thanks in advance, and big shout out to the PCSX2 team for the great work.

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