How can I play FMV's faster?
Hello, I hope this has not been addressed before or addressed elsewhere. FMV's are running rather slow for me (30-40 FPS) and I was wondering if there was a way to get these to run more fluidly. If not, that's perfectly fine, on the other hand, gameplay runs well for me anyways.

My specs if needed:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
AMD A6-3400M APU
Radeon HD Graphics 6720G2 1.40 GHz
3.48 GB RAM

I'm sure the 1.40 GHz comes as a surprise, for anyone even trying to emulate a PS2 period. It's a quad-core processor (and a laptop), so I do need to go all-out with speed hacks and tweaking settings here and there, but generally (sometimes at the sacrifice of graphics, like going with Native resolution), I can get a good 60 FPS even from games like Persona 4 and Tales of the Abyss, more often than not.

For that reason I can understand FMV's would not play as fast, they're not related to gameplay that can be aided by speed hacks. I'm very much illiterate when it comes to coding, so I apologize for the possible ignorance on my part, but considering an FMV is basically just a video, I would think there must be some way to just be able to play it at full-speed, but I wouldn't know. Is there a way to go about fixing this?


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Between compatibility and hardware power,
you usually find yourself in tough spot now and again.
It's not always with a game or scene that would seem most likely.

In your case, I'm sure a bit faster processor would do you good.
Have you ever considered doing a modest overclock?
You should have no trouble running all four cores at like 2.4Ghz or so, using K10STAT.
(More from Google)
Regarding the FMV are just videos bit:
Unfortunately we need to emulate the special video decoder chip in the PS2 fully (the IPU),
so games work at all.
This chip is very fast and works in tandem with the EE multimedia extensions (which are also slow to emulate).
The result is a very taxing scenario: Oftentimes FMV video is slower than the actual gameplay.

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