How can I tell if the widescreen hack is enabled?
I thought I worked this out earlier today but it seems like the widescreen hack may not have been on at all.

I put the "DEDC3B71.pnach" in the program files>PCSX2 1.0.0> cheats folder as well as the documents>PCSX2>cheats folder too.

It has to be the right region because it's the only one available.

Cheats are enables, I see them load when I start the game, Persona 4 btw.

I see the console read "Cheats Found! Cheats loaded: 13"

But when I take a screenshot of the 16:9 with no hack installed and 16:9 with the hack installed, I see no difference at all.

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Make a folder on your desktop called "Emulators". In that folder, make a folder "PCSX2". From now on, that will be your PCSX2 directory.
Move everything there, do a clean installation, and try again.
I just tried it and it works fine.
Are you sure you are playing the NTSC-U version ?
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I own the game and the box says NTSC-U, so I am confident I am using the right file.

I just tried a fresh install and had the same results. Cheats were loaded but there seems to be no effect. I only say that because I've compared pictures with the cheat installed and not installed and they seems identical.
Have you set aspect ratio in GS settings to 16:9? Are you checking 3D or just the menu?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
16:9 is enabled. I am not sure what you mean by checking 3D or just the menu though, sorry. I'll probably just end up playing the game in 4:3, it's the way it was meant to be and it looks just as good to me.
The 2ds menus get streched and its only 3d objects like character models that the widescreen patches work on.
The widescreen cheats do work. ಠ_ಠ
It's impossible for them not to, if the console says the cheats are being applied.

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