How can I transfer PCSX2 saves to my PS2 MC?
Hi people,
I'm looking for someone who can explain me clearly how to transfer a PCSX2 save to my phisical PS2 memory card. My PS2 is modified.

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this way
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Yeah, I've already read this guide dude, but I don't understand, once I got the .psu file how to put it in my mc! I've tried puttin it in a FAT32 clean USB, but the Ps2 doesn't find it. What I have to do?
Some types of USB stick aren't recognized. Try using another.
I managed to install Ulanch, now I have a problem with Code Breaker that hasn't a game in his db, how can I add it quiclky without adding it manually at the main menu?
I don't remember if this worked anymore(I haven't used my PS2 for more than 3 years)but Omniconvert can save cbc cheats files which you can import to the database from codebreaker day1 option.
Search google for "Custom Day 1 Codebreaker files with Omniconvert"

The other method is little complicated and you can use CB on pcsx2 with the cheats you want(I used this long ago to remove the whole database(thus reducing the CB side and increasing the startup time and I only added codes for the games I have)...but again,it was long time ago and I don't remember the process(I use pnach and memory searching/editing programs so I don't need those codebreaker/armax and so on)

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