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How can I turn this code off!? 60 FPS
Playing KH2 Final mix, and I enabled the 60 FPS code


and the game works great... however during cutscenes the video plays at 2x speed. Everything else is fine, just the actual CGI cutscenes are a problem. So I disabled the code by using // and it saved in the game that it's 60FPS, so I guess I need a way to toggle it back... any ideas?

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You mean that you want to disable the 60 FPS cheat effect?
If so, you need to know the initial value of the address "00349E1C". Reboot pcsx2 and load the game without any cheats. After that, read the initial value somehow.
There are some ways, and here is a way of those.

My PCSX2OTC has a memory read function like this:

You can read a value of the address "00349E1C" using this tool, and if you get "00349E1C 000000xx", you can make pnach format using this result like:

If you apply ^this cheat, you will be able to disable the 60 FPS cheat effect.
Don't start the game with a savestate, use an ingame save and load the game normally, with cheats/patches disabled of course.
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Man, Your awesome! So this is what I found.

patch=1,EE,00349E1C,extended,00000000 is on
patch=1,EE,00349E1C,extended,00000001 is off

That simple... I used the read tool and it nailed it. Thanks bro
//patch=1,EE,00349E1C,extended,00000000 is also off.
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Yes, but in a game if I have turned it on... And saved.. it stays on.

So, any time I load my game it is on, and even turning cheats off, or putting // in front of it, the game's state is in 60 FPS. Which really messed up cutscenes.
you are saving with a savestate, dont use those, use the ingame save then reload with cheats off and load the game from the ingame save rather than the savestate.
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I have made the following cheat somehow, but I haven't tried it myself. Can you check it yourself?

// 60 FPS Hack (On: Press L2, Off: Press R2)

What refraction mentioned is the most safe and fundamental way to remove all cheats effect.

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