How can I use version 1.5?
Hi everyone,  
Yesterday I found a pcsx2 version 1.5 dev but when I dowloaded it,  extract and click to open. It said that I missed olugins?  How can I fix this?  Pls help
Btw,  can you guys share me the link for the official version 1.5 ? 
Tks so much Biggrin

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You need to make sure to Config and choose your plugins & direct the emulator to the BIOS you ripped from the PS2. There isn't an official 1.5. You just go to the download section and click on GIT from the development section. Then just download the latest dev build
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Make sure you are getting the builds from here and NOWHERE else otherwise you won't get support for builds you get elsewhere.

All you have to do is transfer your BIOS/Memeory cards over to the GIT version as the Plugins are apart of the download.

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