How can i get the emulator to run smoother
So I started playing Persona 4. first thing i noticed was a slight stutter in graphic. or audio. no freezing yet.

Basically is there a way to run it better? doesnt bother me to terrible atm but i'd get annoyed in time.


AMD 6-core 3.30ghz
8gb ram
Nvidia GTX 550Ti 1gb ram

EDIT: noticed i stay at 59-62 FPS but EE is hitting 52% when it stutters and my GS does not go over 25%

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Can you post you're settings for pcsx2, and gsdx. Plus the revision you're using please. ie I need more info Wink
use recommended speedhack and default setting!!!
asmodean. im using the defaults ._. if that helps.

Direct 3d hardware interlacing auto. resolution 1024 x 1024
texture filtering Alpha correction. Logarithmic Z

idk what you need D:

ALso using the PXSX2 1.0
use native ps2 original
tried using native. still no difference
Try opening pcsx2's config->Emulation settings->bottom-left of the screen tick the preset checkbox, and set it to balanced.

Also go to the Speedhacks section of the settings, and ensure the MTVU hack is enabled.

Make sure you don't have any multisampling enabled in gsdx's hacks section, also use recent builds of pcsx2, which can be found here I'm using r5460 atm.

Edit; typo
since you're running a Hexa-Core (Six core) which probably is or an 10xxT or 1100T Phenom or an FX 6xxx series. Eitherway try to run the game with the MTVU hack Smile and it's weird that you have slowdowns with that game. I even ran that game nearly perfect on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ with an X2600XT Smile so atleast try to update your drivers and try it again. I currently run with a Phenom II 980 BE (Stock speeds) and haven't tried it yet, but no doubt it should run faster then it did with my old X2 6000+ Smile
MTVU does not work well with bulldozer CPUs, not sure how it works with Phenom II and piledriver. Another thing I noticed is Nvidia cards don't like working in low resolutions.

My recommendation is disabling the MTVU case it is active and running at 2x (use native only for those stubborn games).

Sorry I can't tell anything more about specifics on that game. I was notified a bigger local shop received a batch of PS2 games and is selling at discount, maybe a good opportunity to enhance my PS2 library, something I'd never do if not for PCSX2 Smile let's hope it has Persona among the games as some few other games which never made the way here before.

PS: and PS1 games as well, seems like the start of the game's walking dead Laugh
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