How can i rip this iso??
Hi im new to the thread and i heard pcsx2 is the best ps2 emulator out there so i figured id give it a try and being the dumbass teen i am, i bought Final Fantasy X: International version thinking i could play it on my USA PS2 and it cant play it, so im wondering if there is a way i can rip the ISO from the game so i can play it on pcsx2, if so please tell me


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you'll ned to use an iso maker. ( is known to work well)
you'll need to extract the bios from your PS2 too. REfer to the config guide :
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DVD decrpyter is another program you can use, also if you ever want to burn a .iso back onto a CD you can use ISOburn
DVD Decrypter is really old version of ImgBurn and it's best to use ImgBurn when dealing with anything related to PS2 games.

The only thing that DVD Decrypter have that ImgBurn don't,is the ability to copy protected disks(there is no such thing in PS2 games),all of other features are really outdated and contains a lot of unfixed problems(as I said DVD Decrypter is the previous name of ImgBurn)

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