How come KH is running awesome then..
Ok so my computer specs are...
Mobile AMD Athlon™ 64 proccesor 3700+ MMX, 3D NOW,~2.4Ghz
1022 Ram
Page file 417MB used out of 2042MB possible.
Vid card
ATI Mobility Radeon x600 256MB

My Pcsx2 graphics config
ZeroGS 0.97.1 IDK if thats the best one but its one out of two that yeah..
I have 2xcycle rate on..uhm..and yeah..thats about everything

Ok so i run kingdom hearts and its fast its like 50~71 fps...Then like after the cutscene it starts Lagging like goes to 21 fps n stuff and like idk it all goes horrible. Is there anything i can do? my computer supports MMX SSE2 SSE3...:\...Please help..Better configs anything i just really want to enjoy KH ihavent played it for years.
Thank you Sad

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The problem is unfortunately your CPU. Single core CPUs just don't do very well pcsx2 and when you get into anything remotely stressing in the game it'll cause massive slowdowns on your PC.

You can try the latest beta (1736) and GSDx plugins and see if that works better for you, but you shouldn't expect miracles on your system.
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