How do I change the deadzone preset / HELP
I have SCP DS3 setup for PC

It is my understanding that the preset is a deadzone of about 10% or 0.1000
I cannot play games at this terribly inaccurate setting.
I require the following at least:

right stick// Rx = 0.07
right stick// Ry = 0.08

Left trigger// L2 = 0
right trigger// R2 = 0

and if the above is not that great after a proper test i think i would go lower or just set it to Rx = 0 and Ry = 0 to be on the safe side.
My issue is i dont no how/where to go to input these numbers for testing so that i can game properly.

Can someone pls walk me through how to manually set up my deadzones Please Please Please I Would Be So Grateful.
Thank you in advancee for any help, it is much appreciated.

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Have you verified the 10% default deadzone?
You can have a look in lilypad on the raw

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