How do I change the resolution?
Hey everyone, sorry if this is a stupid question I'm pretty new to PCSX2 and I was just wondering how to change the resolution of the game I'm playing? In the windows settings for my video plugin I changed it to 1920 x 1080 but when I boot up a game the resolution on the top of the screen says 640 x 447. Also my CPU is an intel core i7-7700 2.8 GHz while my GPU is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 so that should be enough to play games at 1080p right? Or is there something I'm missing? I'd appreciate any feedback I can get, thank you!

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Config -> Video (GS) -> Plugin Settings

Then look for Internal Resolution and set it to x3 for 1080p

Also go to Config -> Emulation -> Speedhacks and enable the recommended ones.

For the graphics plugin, try OpenGL and D3D11 and see which gives you the best performance, usually OpenGL does better with Nvidia
-PC Specs-
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1.4.0 shows the native resolution in the game window title bar even if you set 4x scaling or or some 8k custom resolution
The betas are showing the resolution you set
If you don't see any differences(graphics not what the title bar says),then there are few possibilities

1.GSdx don't actually save your settings because of permissions restrictions.If that's not the case,then when you made a change,hit ok and go to the settings again,if you changes are kept then this is not the case
2.The game you are trying to upscale is using almost nothing(or nothing)that shows any effect by upscalling(Ar Tonelico for example is a 2.5D game that is using 2d backgrounds everywhere which don't change no matter what scaling more you use)

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