How do I configure and use Pcsx2 emulator?
Can someone tell me how or give me a video tutorial on how to configure and use the Pcsx2 emulator to play Playstation 2 games on my PC. I've downloaded Pcsx2 from the site but nothing else besides the main program. I don't know if I need any plugins for the keyboard/mouse but if you could tell me it'd be much appreciated. Thanks.


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Should be pretty much the same for 0.9.8.

Basically you just choose the SSE version of GSdx r4600 that your cpu supports, then you map the keys for the lilypad controller emulator. Everything else should be left unchanged.

edit: oh, video tutorial ... yeah, the one I linked you is just text an images, but it should be fairly straight forward and easy to understand.
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Youtube has a tonne of tutorials about configuring the PCSX2, you could have a look there.

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