How do I find a CRC and apply Action Replay cheats?
Well, it may be a noob question, but I found only old tutorials in google, and the emulator has been changed heavily since then.

From what I understood - the patch browser has been removed from "misc" (why remove a good feature?) and the only way to apply cheats is through pnach.

How do I find the CRC of my games? I looked in the console, but nothing resembles CRC there. If someone knows, please post the CRC for Crash Wrath of Cortex PAL (SLES-50386) and Crash Nitro Kart PAL (SLES-51511)

What settings should I use for maxconvert utility if I want to create pnach for this cheats?

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ok, i found the crc, made pnach, but it doesn't work. does the cheats only work when i boot the game through cd drive, not the iso?
First make sure the pnach is in the correct folder.
Second and a bit more complex... make sure the file is game'sCRC.pnach and not game'sCRC.pnach.txt (yes, you may want do disable the "hide extensions for known files" on windows explorer.
third... if yet not working, its content might be incorrect or the codes yet encrypted, please post some sample lines in your pnach file.

Of course, the "Enable Cheats" must be ticked in the GUI (notice than "Enable Patches" is another thing).
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