How do I get codes like this working?

  1. M) 

  2. [Image: 4_folder_icon.gif]
    Quick Exp Gain Codes: 

  3. [Image: 2_folder_icon.gif]
    Max Exp After a Fight 
Omniconvert refuses to convert the second one, so I convert the first and third ones, it doesn't have any effect.

On another topic, I was always able to use my ar max and codebreaker images just fine, but since v1.0 there have been all kinds of graphical bugs (e.g I just had one where a shining light in-game took up the entire screen) - what's happened there?

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If you know the correct input source omniconvert will convert it correctly... (at least in my experience)

I would suggest to play a bit with input type.

If you want further support regarding the cheat you should probably show the emulog after you loaded the game.

On the graphical bugs problem. Can you maybe be slightly more specific? What issue? How to reproduce? Which pcsx2 version and settings?

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