How do I get the games to work?
I downloaded the emulator, I managed to get the BIOS from my PS2 and I have everything working.
I put FFX into the disc drive, tried to run it from the CD and it doesn't work and I get the error:
No accellerated IMDCT transform found.

I also tried using imgburn to extract the data directly from the disc to my hard drive but it came out as an .iso file and PCSX2 only uses .elf files? How do I get an .elf file?

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Select Linuz ISO plugin, configure it to read your ISO file and hit File->Run CD/DVD
[Image: newsig.jpg]
pcsx2 settings/plugins used?
The settings/plugins:
[Image: ps2-1.jpg]

And Bositman, can you explain some more, I'm not that good with technology and I don't understand that...

EDIT: I tried searching for that linuz iso plugin, but I can't find a download for it anywhere?
EDIT2: Well I checked my plugin folder and found that I already had it! I got it working and FFX is working a treat! Except I am having one more problem. It is running really slow, the thing at the top says it's doing 30fps. What do I do to speed it up?
First of all tell us what your PC specs are. Then take screenshots of your settings within GSdx and your speed hack settings.
Here are my settings in the dxdiag attatchment and my current plugin/graphical settings.

[Image: ps2-2.jpg]
[Image: grafx.jpg]

As for speedhack, your mentioning of it just made me look for it, and I hadn't noticed it before so I am toying with it now.

EDIT: After playing around with the speedhack settings, none of them seem to help. I tried various configuations and I couldn't find any one that seemed to make the fps any better...

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Unfortunatelly your card is very slow for PCSX2 and the cpu doesnt help much either, try running GSdx with Direct3D9 (Hardware) renderer. Maybe try the latest beta but I dont think there's much to help you really.
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I tried the beta and there's no real drastic improvement so I guess I'll have to stick ti PS1 games with the ePSXe Sad
Ah well...

UPDATE: I have some games working! Final Fantasy X works pretty well. Some slowdown occassionally as a battle starts and very few cut scenes. Kingdom Hearts 1 runs perfectly although Kingdom Hearts 2 not so well (not sure why), Resident Evil Outbreak runs terribly. Really slow, sound is awful etc... Final Fantasy X-2, the game seems to run fine but cut-scenes don't work at all. I guess all I can do is mess around with various configurations and hope for the best, right?
Pretty much yes Tongue

Enable all speedhacks with "x2 cycle rate" and "vu cycle stealing" set to slight/moderate, in the advanced options set clamp modes to "none", in SPU2-X enable the "disable effects processing", update Gsdx and use "native" and (Hardware) renderer always. Some games wont like this settings tho and honestly I'm surprised about RE Outbreak as it was of the first games I got good speed on with a lower machine.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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