How do I launch a Game?
I have just got a ps2 game and I'm trying to get it to run but I don't know how to. The game contains the following types of files: irx, map, pss, sys, 66, cnf, dil, hil, and the following files that don't seem to have an ending: IMG_BD and IOPRP280. All those files are in my virtual clone drive, J. I told the emulator to start the game using that drive. When I try to start the game it says it can't find a bios. How do I fix that? Is there any file that I listed a bios? How di I fix that problem?

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You need to dump the bios-file that you are currently lacking from your PS2. It's not on the game disc.
gsoda's right

you will find how to dump the bios file in the guide
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Ok, thanks, I got it working now!

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