How do I make my Pcsx2 run faster?
I am using version 9.0.6 and I have pixel shader 2.0. But is there any way of getting Pixel shader 3.0? That's what I would like to know from you please. But when I start to play the game it is very slow when it loads up and the picture doesn't even move. Man, it is really slow. Why is that for? I am using Gsdx 9 and not Gsdx 10 because I don't have Vista. I have Windows XP. Isn't the Gsdx 10 graphics plugin though for Windows Vista and not XP? That's what I am thinking. I really tried to speed it up, but I am not really quite sure on how to make it any faster. So please help me out on this very much. I also tried using the ZeroGs plugin, but I had no luck either. It was really slow too. Hardly not even moving at all. That's too bad. I mean there has to be some way to speed it up. Like the Cpu speed on my PC is not really that fast. That is the problem. So I need lots of help here. So please let me know what I am doing wrong and let me know the solution on how to fix this so i can play my games with no problem, hassle free. So get back to me soon. Thank you! Sad

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what are ur pc specifications?
Post your specs and settings, and make sure you are using the latest beta release/plugin pack. I think they released one mid march. Also, post which game you are trying to play for more specific help. IIRC, pixel shader is dependent on your video card, if it doesn't support 3.0, you cannot use 3.0
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