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How do I make textures look smoother while playing Clock Tower 3?
How do I make textures look smoother while playing Clock Tower 3? The game runs smooth and I haven't encountered any problems while playing except that there are some textures in the game (such as the staircase rails) that have really sharp edges. I don't have a problem with this but I would like to have a fix for this, if there is one.

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If it's just textures, all you can do is make sure texture filtering is turned on in Config-> Video -> Plugin settings. If it's polygons, increasing the resolution to 3x and turning on MSAA(if your computer can handle it) will help greatly.
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go in to the gsdx config, untick "Native" and in the dropdown box choose something like "Native x3" or "Native x4", that will make things look much smoother

Edit: Blyss beat me to it ;p
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Thanks guys. I dropped it down to 2x because I was encountering large FPS drop on 3x (all the way down to 20), but 2x make it look just fine and I haven't had a major drop in FPS yet.

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