How do I remove the percent fps

my problem is percent fps Blush


[Image: 6696adsiz.JPG]

game=60fps if speed=%100
game=30-40 fps if speed=%50-60

30-40 fps is playable but speed=%50-60 so game is not playable

my question is here "how can ı do remove the percent"

my system=
intel e5200 2.50 ghz
2 gb 800 mhz ddr2 ram
nvidia 9400gt

installed last drivers

apologize for my bad english
I hope my problem was understood

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This is how it works there is no way to turn it off.
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The % is just an indicator of the speed you get according to your FPS and even if you remove it your slow game will stay slow.

If you check the FAQ you could see this:
Quote:What is the normal speed for Playstation 2 games?

NTSC games have a normal speed of 60 frames per second.
PAL games have a normal speed of 50 frames per second.
Note that these speed are unlike what happens in normal PC games. Sound, graphic, everything is clocked at that speed. A NTSC game running at 30 frames per second is truly going at half the speed it should be.

So your problem is actually that you just have a slow machine that gives you lower FPS for the game and not the percent indicator (for full speed you always want 60fps in your case, but if you get lower FPS the game will run at a lower % or speed than that you want). If you want faster emulation you need a faster machine or lower settings.
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hmm thanks for replies

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