How do I save configuration settings?
I know this subject and problem has been beat into the ground, and then some... here is the issue: Every time I open Pcsx2 it asks me to please configure. It never saves my info. I have TRIED clicking "run as administrator," but that option isn't even there. I have also tried moving all files and folders, games and everything, to the desktop, where it supposedly should work even if not being run as administrator. Those were the two main things that seemed to help people out, and haven't helped me out. Already uninstalled and reinstalled it once. Would reinstalling it again, and saving it directly to the desktop from the get-go make a difference? Any help is greatly appreciated. I've been trying to figure this out for the past hour and a half now... kinda frustrated. Thanks!

also, my OS is Vista 64bit

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does your ini folder has the "read only " attribute ?
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thanks, i went in and unchecked any box that said "read-only," and then I was able to run as administrator. Now it appears to be working for now!

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