How do I search memory with the debugger?
I'm trying to do something with a specific game, but I need to Cheat Engine-related stuff.  Unfortunately I've been told by people who know more than me that things related to the randomized start address (7FFXXXXXXXX) will make this task infinitely more difficult and time-consuming, but if I use PCSX2's debugger (as it starts at 00000000 all the time), this task will be done before I know it!  I'm running into some issues though, namely the fact that I can't use it at all as the features I need... I can't find them.

A list of things I need from the PCSX2 debugger that I just can't figure out how to do, even with over 10 years of Cheat Engine experience:

- Refine search.  I've searched for a value of 1 but I've changed something ingame to make that value 2, how do I refine my search like with Cheat Engine?  There's no "Next Search" button and pressing the "Search" button again completely restarts the search.

- Address list.  I need to add multiple addresses to a list like with Cheat Engine, but I don't see that option anywhere.

- Reads/Writes detector.  In Cheat Engine you can see what functions read/write to/from any given address, but I also can't find this.

Just from looking at PCSX2's debugger, I cannot find a use for it.  I REALLY hope I'm just blind and the options to do all these things are right in front of me, because what's the point of a memory searcher that only allows you to search for something once?  That's like going into a grocery store with a shopping list, but you can't find anything, and when you ask the front desk where an item is, you're kicked out of the store, all items in the store are shifted around, and then you're let back into the store.  I can't imagine such a pointless feature being implemented into PCSX2 when all the features surrounding it are extremely well-developed and highly functional.

I quite literally cannot continue this project without the ability to do these things with this specific debugger.  Please tell me I'm just dumb and they're in plain sight.

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